Thursday, February 01, 2007

Seafood night @ Asia Cafe

Entry: 45
19th January 2007

Dear Diary,

It was yet another night of cravings for fried lala :p This time, darling and I decided to have ikan bakar as well since the last time we had that was ages ago. And where else better to get these foods than our good old Asia Cafe :)

Darling ordered 2 Spicy Grilled Chicken Fish (RM13) or just simply known as Ikan Bakar from the Grilled Fish stall. Actually, darling only ordered 1 fish. But then their promotion was 'Buy 1, Free 1". And there was 2. Keke... :) We also ordered 2 plates of white rice (RM1 each) to eat along with our fish.It was good! Perfecto :)

Not forget our dear Fried Lala. Haha... :p This time darling ordered only 7 dollars worth of it. I still find the kam heong sauce as appetizing as ever. Yummilicious! We both enjoyed this meal very very much.

~* joychariz *~

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