Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Dinner @ Asia Cafe

Entry: 54
7th February 2007

Dear Diary,

We had dinner at Asia Cafe in SS15 Subang Jaya again yesterday night. Yeah, again :p Lol!! Well, at almost 11pm at night, there aren't really many places around here that is still opened. To many, Asia Cafe seems to be a food heaven. But to me, I guess I'm starting to run out of choices on what to eat especially when I start ordering the same food over and over again :p

Last night I decided to try out the newly opened Japanese stall 'Heng Teppanyaki'. They also have another stall called 'Heng Sushi'. There were many attractive pictures of food here which caught my attention. I chosed to try their Garlic Fried Rice with salad and a bowl of soup for RM4.50. To my disappointment, their fried rice was not up to my expectation. If it wasn't for the fried garlic that came along with the rice, I wouldnt have been able to carry on eating. The salad which consisted of grated cucumbers and crab meat tasted a little weird too. And they only had a few little cubes of tofu in the soup. Sigh, should have ordered ikan bakar instead.

Hmm, it just isnt fair that anything darling orders turns out to be good or at least pretty decent. He had his usual plate of Char Kuey Teow from the Penang Kuey Teow stall which is priced at RM4.00 for a big plate. His kuey teow was fine alrite, but then he said my fried rice wasnt half as bad as the fried rice we ordered from the fried rice stall long ago which really really sucked. Well, he ended up helping me to finish it while I had some of his kuey teow and a bar of Snickers to cure my gloomy mood :)

~* joychariz *~

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