Thursday, February 01, 2007

Cafe 1920 @ 1 Utama

Entry: 49
27th January 2007

Dear Diary,

I kinda 'forced' darling to bring me to One Utama today for my OSIM interview. It was really sweet of him to drive me up all the way here. Thank you darling. Appreciated it loads. After my interview, we were hungry and as usual, undecided on what to eat. Sigh, this time it really took us ages to decide, walking from the old wing to the new wing. Haha :p We finally settled for Italian food at 1920 cafe located at the old wing.

1920 Cafe

Darling and I shared an Iced Peach Tea at RM4.00. I didnt like the taste of this peach tea. Gave me a weird funny after-taste :p

Darling ordered their Cabonara priced at RM14.00. This cabonara is cooked in an egg based sauce and topped with beef bacon and parmesan cheese. It was not too bad as it came with a generous topping of beef bacon. However, I still prefer the cabonara and beef bacon in Italiannies. Love it there! :)

I wanted to eat pizza so I tried their chef's recommended Pizza Bianca (RM 15.50) which is a thin crusted pizza without tomato base but topped with cheese, cream, and a combination of beef bacon and turkey ham. I would only give this pizza a mediocre vote. Nothing really special about it. The taste was rather bland and there werent enough beef bacon on it to satisfy me. I think the pizza in Asia Cafe can beat this one here anytime. Hmph, a rather disappointing review here :( I want Italiannies!! Keke... :)

~* joychariz *~

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