Thursday, February 01, 2007

Dinner @ Suria KLCC Signatures Food Court

Entry: 44
18th January 2007

Dear Diary,

I went on a shopping spree with darling and my dear cousin sister today. We met up in Suria KLCC after her class. Omg, I still can't believe my little couzie is already in college. Haha.. It seemed so yesterday that she was only in form 3. Sigh, time flies by so fast. Anyway, I didn't manage to buy anything much due to the old stock clearance but I did spend on facial products though. Keke... :p

It was really hard deciding on what to eat for dinner. When I asked my cousin to decide, she said dunno. Ask darling to decide, he oso said dunno. Ask myself what I want to eat, I oso dunno. We even took the directory brochure to decide. Haha.. We finally gave up thinking and headed straight to KLCC's Signatures Food Court to eat as they had more choices there.

Darling had McDonald's Prosperity Meal which is priced at RM8.91 including tax. This meal included one beef prosperity burger, twister fries and an orange McFizz drink. The burger was quite nice. Darling seemed satisfied with his food.

I was totally famished and ordered Chicken and Cheese Lasagna Pie (RM7.99) from Cafe Milano. The serving size was average but then it came with thick cream so I felt bloted after eating half of it. Darling had to help me finish it in exchange for his twister fries. Hehe..

Didnt manage to get a picture of what my cousin ate cuz she was already eating when I brought my food to the table. Haha.. She had Cabonara from Pizza Milano which I think is under the same management as Cafe Milano.

A tiring but happy day out! :)

~* joychariz *~

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