Thursday, December 14, 2006

BBQ Plaza @ Sunway Pyramid (Revisited)

Entry: 32
13th December 2006

Dear Diary,

Both darling and I have been craving for BBQ Plaza for a whole week! I miss the bacon there so much and I bet darling misses his favourite beef. Oh, and not to mention their special sauce too :) Since we had discount vouchers expiring at the end of this month, we decided to go there for our dinner last Monday night. It was already our 5th visit to this restaurant. The last visit was just the previous Friday night when we rushed all the way back from work and through the weekend jam just to eat here. It's so good that we keep coming back for more! We had the Supreme Mixed Set (recommended for 2 person) on Friday night. I didn't manage to take any pictures because darling's phone ran out of battery. This time, we decided to be super adventurous to attempt finishing the Family Mixed Set (recommended for 4 person)!! May not be much of a challenge for darling, but it is for me.

Let the challenge begin...

For drinks, I had Hot Green Tea (RM2.00) and darling had Cold Chinese Tea (RM2.00).

BBQ Plaza's special sauce imported weekly all the way from Thailand. It is recommended that you squeeze in the lime, garlic and chillis into the sauce to enchance the taste. This sauce is so good that I can finish 3 and a half bowls of it!! No kidding. Very very appetizing!

The first plate of food for our Mixed Family Set (RM40.00). This plate contains sliced raw beef, pork, bacon, cabbage, baby corns, tomatoes, lettuce and udon noodles. You can also opt for the Beef Family Set (RM39.00) or the Pork Family Set (RM39.00).

Our second plate of food contains sliced chicken meat, fish, prawns, squids, vegie, and some kind of noodles which I have yet to find the name for it.

This family set comes with 3 bowls of rice. Darling had 2 bowls and I only managed to finish half my bowl of rice due to the enormous servings of meat.

The hotplate for cooking our food. Soup made with stock is firstly poured into the side of the hotplate which is used for cooking the vegie and noodles.

The pork lard is then placed onto the top of the hotplate once it is heated up. Can you see the soup boiling? Time to cook our vegie. Keke...

Yummy... Absolutely good stuff cooking there. We were both full to the max at the end of the meal. We finished everything except for my rice and our second plate of vegie. We were defeated by the huge serving of vegie. Haha!!

It's totally worth spending every cent here. We're both fully satisfied everytime we eat here. BBQ Plaza at Sunway Pyramid definately has the best food and service around. Their waiters and waitresess are always there to refill your drinks and sauce promtly. And they are all friendly and very polite too :) I think it is also gaining its popularity rather quickly among Malaysians as it is always packed recently when we dine here.
Thumbs up to BBQ Plaza :)

~* joychariz *~

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Asia Cafe Dinner @ Subang Jaya SS15

Entry: 31
13th December 2006

Dear Diary,

It has been ages ago since we last ate at our neighbouring hawker food court which is none other than Asia Cafe in SS15 Subang Jaya. After so long, we finally had dinner there one of the nights last week. Unlike my previous post, I wasn't that hungry that night and was very uncertain on what I wanted to eat. Sigh...

Anyway, darling had already spotted what he wanted to eat on the way in. So it was no problem for him to order. He had the Taiwan Fried Chicken Set (RM6.90) at Uncle Bob's Fried Chicken outlet located next to the beef noodle stall. I love this fried chicken. I always have it everytime I go to a pasar malam because you can always find one of Uncle Bob's stalls there. Hehe...

After taking so long to decide, I finally settled for my favourite food from the Spring Chicken outlet which is the Sausage with ham & cheese set (RM4.50). Where is the sausage you may ask? It's in the bread together with the ham and melted cheddar cheese. Haha! My set came along with shoestring fries. It normally tastes very cheesy and good everytime I have it. However it didnt really taste nice that particular night. Maybe its because I wasnt very hungry at that time. I couldnt even finish the sausage. Darling had to help me out *grin*

Oh, thanx to darling's new Nokia N80, my foodie pictures are now bigger, better and clearer with his 3.2 megapixel camera *winks*

~* joychariz *~

Oldtown Kopitiam @ Subang Jaya SS15

Entry: 30
13th December 2006

Dear Diary,

I was ravenously hungry last Wednesday after work. I think it's probably because I only had a sandwich for lunch. But it was weird because I had never felt so hungry before throughout my working days in Maxis even if all I had for that day was just a Gardenia bun. Maybe my metabolism rate just got screwed up for that day somewhere along my system. Haha :p

Anyway, I was complaining of hunger to darling all the way back to Subang. Darling couldnt do anything much except to console me by saying that he'll bring me to eat immediately when we get off the train. Haha... Poor darling, always having to be all ears for my grumblings and mumblings and complainings :p Thanx for being so patient dear. Muax...

I was once again undecided on what to eat. I named a few places and darling chose Oldtown Kopitiam in Subang Jaya SS15 cuz he also wanted to try out the Wi-Fi for his new phone. I told darling I could eat a horse cuz I was on the verge of dying from hunger. Lol!

The drinks we normally order everytime we eat here. I would have their Oldtown Enrich Chocolate Ice (RM2.80) and darling always orders their famous Oldtown White Coffee Ice (RM2.00) which is what Oldtown Kopitiam is renowned for.

I would also never fail to order their Kaya & Butter Toast (RM1.00 for a single toast) which is both the chef's and my recommendation. Haha... I just love the sweetness of kaya spreaded on warm toast along with slashes of cold butter. Its wonderfully heavenly!

Darling also has his all-time-favourite here which is their Peanut Butter Toast (RM1.00 for a single toast) which he ordered a double (RM1.80). Mmmm... The yumminess of gooey peanut butter on warm toast. Absolutely mouth watering!

For my main course, and being the girl that could eat a horse, i ordered their Oldtown Nasi Rendang Chicken (RM7.80) which looks somewhat similar to their nasi lemak. My oh my, how I love the sambal that came along with it. They also gave me tender rendang chicken breast! Unlike darling, I always have a hard time eating hard and dry chicken breast which is one of the reason why I avoid eating them. I prefer the wings. I especially love Domino's honey bbq chicken wings. Yummy... Hehe... By the way, this nasi rendang has my vote at 9/10. It's really good!

Darling ordered their Nissin Noodles with egg, chicken sausage & vegetables (RM4.80). I tried this once in the past. Quite nice unlike some really tasteless noodles you get elsewhere. I particularly like the sausage which is really tasty. Goes very well with the noodles and soup. I think darling likes his noodles too because he didnt have any complaints :)

I wonder when will my hunger freak be again? Lol....

~* joychariz *~

Pizza Milano @ Signatures Food Court @ Suria KLCC

Entry: 29
13th December 2006

Dear Diary,

After work last Tuesday, darling and I decided to have dinner in KLCC itself. We were wondering what to eat when darling suddenly suggested that we try out the pasta in Pizza Milano's outlet at KLCC's Signatures Food Court. We had both previously seen a lot of people queuing and eating from this outlet and darn, the food there looked so good!

I tried their Spaghetti Bolognese which is priced at RM6.99 per serving. I loved the way they cooked the bolognese sauce. Not too sour but yet a little cheesy. I they also added in cream on top of the sauce which was an excellent combination. Thumbs up for my pasta :)

Darling chosed to try their Fettuccine Cabonara (RM7.99) which is fettuccine pasta cooked in cream and served with ham and button mushrooms. Darling said it was quite good but that Dave's Deli's cabonara tasted richer. I tried some and found the cream to taste exactly like the one that came with my bolognese sauce. Nice... but then, darling said that the portion wasn't enough for him :( Hope to try more of their pastas later on :)

~* joychariz *~

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Happy Birthday BIL

Entry: 28
3rd December 2006

Dear Diary,

It was darling's little brother's birthday on the 1st of December 2006. Kelvin (also known as my BIL) just turned 15. We celebrated by having a huge dinner at darling's house which was prepared by darling's mum. We had noodles, domino's pizza, fried chicken, and sushi... my favourite!! :p There was so much food everywhere. I bet everyone enjoyed the dinner and were really full by the end of it. Oh, darling's mum made a cute chocolate cake for BIL too. Darling's dad called it the 'Crackling Cake' as it was a little cracked after baking. LOL. Nevertheless, it still tasted good. The cake decorations were really creative as seen below.

Happy 15th Birthday BIL :)

~* joychariz *~

Sushi King @ Sunway Pyramid

Entry: 27
3rd December 2006

Dear Diary,

I was having a bad day last Wednesday. Not just any other ordinary bad days. This was some super duper bad bad BAD day!! Hmph, I dont exactly want to mention what had happened or who had caused it. But all I know is that I was really hurt, upset, down and moody the whole morning. I tried taking my mind off the unwanted happening by doing the laundry even to the extend of washing everyone's bedsheets (everyone meaning me, my bro's and darling's bedsheets), clearing my room and trying to watch some movies. It didnt work. I kept getting more and more upset by the passing minutes. No one would ever understand how I felt that day.

I finally gave up trying to do whatever I was doing to ease the pain and asked my brother to take me shopping and some place to eat. We decided to go to One Utama at first, but then changed to Sunway Pyramid as I wasnt really keen on making my bro drive too far. We then spent the whole afternoon shopping and settled down in Sushi King for a late lunch.

Sushi Queen loves Sushi King!

I bet Sushi King loves Sushi Queen too.... but I dont like wasabi. Never liked that stuff before.

Green tea on the house. My favourite fat-burning drink! :)

The wonderful sushis we had. Sushi Queen loves them all... :)

Salmon is currently in season at Sushi King from 1 Nov - 15 Dec. They have a whole menu full of salmon stuff. A must try for all salmon lovers especially my darling who wasnt here at the moment.

Sushi Queen loves her bro for making her smile again at the end of the day :)

~* joychariz *~

Dave's Deli @ Subang Parade

Entry: 26
3rd December 2006

Dear Diary,

When I think of mashed potatoes, I think of Dave's Deli. Nowhere else makes them as good as Dave's Deli. In fact, I used to frequent this place a lot in the past just to indulge in my secret little love affair with its creamy, buttery goodness. I could finish 3 whole scoops by myself 2 years ago. My, oh my... Those were the days.

I was really surprised when darling chosed to dine at Dave's Deli in Subang Parade last Thursday after picking me up from work. Really really shocked me a whole lot as he had never seemed keen everytime i mentioned the place. Hmm, what has gotten into him? I wonder...

I miss this place sooooooooo much.....

The Fizzy Drink that came along with darling's pasta combo.

Not-so-good-looking Mashed Potatoes (RM1.20 per scoop). Darn, it was such a shame that they served it cold. It has lost all its taste then :( I had been waiting ages for this old flame to come back into my life :p What a huge disappointment. Sigh, I want the one in One Utama...

I wanted to have their lagsana in the first place. But as I was looking at the counter, their 2 in 1 Pasta Combo promotion (RM14.50) caught my eye. It consists of half a serving of lagsana and another half of Bolognese Spaghetti served together with coleslaw. Yum! How could I pass on such a treat? :) The lagsana was okay. However the spaghetti was kinda on the sour side for me. Luckily darling found it edible and helped me finished that portion up *grin*

Darling ordered one of their pasta combo's too. I've forgotten what his order was, but I think its Macaroni in Turkey Ham (RM15.00). His combo is better than mine as it comes with a drink and one side order in which he chose mashed potatoes (the disappointing old flame) :p Darling however seemed happy with his order as the creamy macaroni sauce tasted very good.

The place seemed rather sad and empty as we were the only customers dining in. I think I would very much prefer the outlet in One Utama as I think that the food quality there is way better than this one in Subang Parade.

~* joychariz *~

Secret Recipe @ Sunway Pyramid

Entry: 25
2nd December 2006

Dear Diary,

Darling and I were very undecided on what to eat last Tuesday. This is hillariously one huge complicated problem we often face in this relationship which always goes like this:

Darling: Where do you want to eat today? / What do you feel like eating later?

Me: Hmm, I dunno oh. What do u feel like eating?

Darling: Hmm, dunno oso wor.

Me: Hmm, I've already decided what to eat yesterday. So now you decide la.

Darling: (sighs, scratches his head, looks at me & smiles sheepishly)

Me: So how?

Darling: Choose a number between 1 to 5 (He has listed our restaurant options numerically).

Me: Ermmmm.... 3

Darling: Ok, we go to ***** (Name of restaurant). Ok?

Me: Okie :)

So there. Our problem resolved *grin* And now, back to my foodies... :)

Somehow, we managed to decide on eating in Secret Recipe in Sunway Pyramid. Oh, I think darling was craving for cheesy macaroni that day. Well, guys are allowed to have cravings too I suppose. Haha!!

Secret Recipe falls under Fusion Food category. Not only do they serve wonderful coffee and cakes but also a variety of foods ranging from Local, Western, Japanese, Malay, Thai, Vietnamese, Italian... gosh, you name it.

The Frosty Lemon Tea (RM7) that darling had. Not very sweet though. I prefer their Iced Lemon Tea.

Indulging in a piece of Cheeze Choc cheesecake (RM5.50 per slice) Perfecto! :)

I ordered the Chicken Cordon Bleu (RM14.50). Very nice, but could be better if they had more cheese in the chicken.

Darling had their Prawn Macaroni with cheese (RM15.50). It states in the menu that it comes with loads and loads of cheese. It does really look nice and creamy when served. However darling claimed that I ate all his cheese when I only took one bite of it :( That loaded with cheese huh? Haha... But still enjoyable :)

~* joychariz *~