Thursday, December 14, 2006

BBQ Plaza @ Sunway Pyramid (Revisited)

Entry: 32
13th December 2006

Dear Diary,

Both darling and I have been craving for BBQ Plaza for a whole week! I miss the bacon there so much and I bet darling misses his favourite beef. Oh, and not to mention their special sauce too :) Since we had discount vouchers expiring at the end of this month, we decided to go there for our dinner last Monday night. It was already our 5th visit to this restaurant. The last visit was just the previous Friday night when we rushed all the way back from work and through the weekend jam just to eat here. It's so good that we keep coming back for more! We had the Supreme Mixed Set (recommended for 2 person) on Friday night. I didn't manage to take any pictures because darling's phone ran out of battery. This time, we decided to be super adventurous to attempt finishing the Family Mixed Set (recommended for 4 person)!! May not be much of a challenge for darling, but it is for me.

Let the challenge begin...

For drinks, I had Hot Green Tea (RM2.00) and darling had Cold Chinese Tea (RM2.00).

BBQ Plaza's special sauce imported weekly all the way from Thailand. It is recommended that you squeeze in the lime, garlic and chillis into the sauce to enchance the taste. This sauce is so good that I can finish 3 and a half bowls of it!! No kidding. Very very appetizing!

The first plate of food for our Mixed Family Set (RM40.00). This plate contains sliced raw beef, pork, bacon, cabbage, baby corns, tomatoes, lettuce and udon noodles. You can also opt for the Beef Family Set (RM39.00) or the Pork Family Set (RM39.00).

Our second plate of food contains sliced chicken meat, fish, prawns, squids, vegie, and some kind of noodles which I have yet to find the name for it.

This family set comes with 3 bowls of rice. Darling had 2 bowls and I only managed to finish half my bowl of rice due to the enormous servings of meat.

The hotplate for cooking our food. Soup made with stock is firstly poured into the side of the hotplate which is used for cooking the vegie and noodles.

The pork lard is then placed onto the top of the hotplate once it is heated up. Can you see the soup boiling? Time to cook our vegie. Keke...

Yummy... Absolutely good stuff cooking there. We were both full to the max at the end of the meal. We finished everything except for my rice and our second plate of vegie. We were defeated by the huge serving of vegie. Haha!!

It's totally worth spending every cent here. We're both fully satisfied everytime we eat here. BBQ Plaza at Sunway Pyramid definately has the best food and service around. Their waiters and waitresess are always there to refill your drinks and sauce promtly. And they are all friendly and very polite too :) I think it is also gaining its popularity rather quickly among Malaysians as it is always packed recently when we dine here.
Thumbs up to BBQ Plaza :)

~* joychariz *~

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