Sunday, December 03, 2006

Dave's Deli @ Subang Parade

Entry: 26
3rd December 2006

Dear Diary,

When I think of mashed potatoes, I think of Dave's Deli. Nowhere else makes them as good as Dave's Deli. In fact, I used to frequent this place a lot in the past just to indulge in my secret little love affair with its creamy, buttery goodness. I could finish 3 whole scoops by myself 2 years ago. My, oh my... Those were the days.

I was really surprised when darling chosed to dine at Dave's Deli in Subang Parade last Thursday after picking me up from work. Really really shocked me a whole lot as he had never seemed keen everytime i mentioned the place. Hmm, what has gotten into him? I wonder...

I miss this place sooooooooo much.....

The Fizzy Drink that came along with darling's pasta combo.

Not-so-good-looking Mashed Potatoes (RM1.20 per scoop). Darn, it was such a shame that they served it cold. It has lost all its taste then :( I had been waiting ages for this old flame to come back into my life :p What a huge disappointment. Sigh, I want the one in One Utama...

I wanted to have their lagsana in the first place. But as I was looking at the counter, their 2 in 1 Pasta Combo promotion (RM14.50) caught my eye. It consists of half a serving of lagsana and another half of Bolognese Spaghetti served together with coleslaw. Yum! How could I pass on such a treat? :) The lagsana was okay. However the spaghetti was kinda on the sour side for me. Luckily darling found it edible and helped me finished that portion up *grin*

Darling ordered one of their pasta combo's too. I've forgotten what his order was, but I think its Macaroni in Turkey Ham (RM15.00). His combo is better than mine as it comes with a drink and one side order in which he chose mashed potatoes (the disappointing old flame) :p Darling however seemed happy with his order as the creamy macaroni sauce tasted very good.

The place seemed rather sad and empty as we were the only customers dining in. I think I would very much prefer the outlet in One Utama as I think that the food quality there is way better than this one in Subang Parade.

~* joychariz *~

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