Sunday, December 10, 2006

Asia Cafe Dinner @ Subang Jaya SS15

Entry: 31
13th December 2006

Dear Diary,

It has been ages ago since we last ate at our neighbouring hawker food court which is none other than Asia Cafe in SS15 Subang Jaya. After so long, we finally had dinner there one of the nights last week. Unlike my previous post, I wasn't that hungry that night and was very uncertain on what I wanted to eat. Sigh...

Anyway, darling had already spotted what he wanted to eat on the way in. So it was no problem for him to order. He had the Taiwan Fried Chicken Set (RM6.90) at Uncle Bob's Fried Chicken outlet located next to the beef noodle stall. I love this fried chicken. I always have it everytime I go to a pasar malam because you can always find one of Uncle Bob's stalls there. Hehe...

After taking so long to decide, I finally settled for my favourite food from the Spring Chicken outlet which is the Sausage with ham & cheese set (RM4.50). Where is the sausage you may ask? It's in the bread together with the ham and melted cheddar cheese. Haha! My set came along with shoestring fries. It normally tastes very cheesy and good everytime I have it. However it didnt really taste nice that particular night. Maybe its because I wasnt very hungry at that time. I couldnt even finish the sausage. Darling had to help me out *grin*

Oh, thanx to darling's new Nokia N80, my foodie pictures are now bigger, better and clearer with his 3.2 megapixel camera *winks*

~* joychariz *~

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