Thursday, August 31, 2006

Baskin Robbins Ice-Cream Craze!!

Entry: 6
31st of August 2006

Dear Diary,

I just love Baskin Robbins ice cream so so so freaking much!! Currently my favourite flavours are Strawberry Cheesecake and Chocolate Mousse Royal. Darling took me to Sunway today to satisfy my crave for Baskin Robbins ice cream. They had a 31% discount on all handpacked ice creams today so we got a quart with 3 flavours: Chocolate Mousse Royal, Mint Chocolate Chip and Chocolate Cookies Crackle. It was all oh-so-good!! We finished everything there and then. Haha... Of course i'm capable of such a thing *winks* and i want more!!!

~* joychariz *~

The Eve of Merdeka day

Entry: 5
31st of August 2006

Dear Diary,

It's Malaysia's 49th birthday today. Haha... Another year more to half a century since Malaysia's 1st Independence Day. I spent this year's Merdeka eve with my darling and his college friends. We went for a steamboat dinner in Sri Petaling at a restaurant called Eastern Delight.. or something like that :p I think i remember everyone who went. Let me see... there was darling, me, Chun Chi, Wei Khang, Wei Tat, Tang, Fei Ling, Kok Siang, and Jesse... or Jessie? I dunno.. haha.. But yeah, 9 of us altogether. What a crowd! Darling said that this restaurant was famous for Porridge Steamboat. Did i get that right? Is it called Porridge Steamboat? :p Anyway, it was quite okay but a tad pricey. Darling was sweet to keep serving me. (What a gentleman) *winks* It was also actually kinda fun watching his peeps cook the food and bully each other. Gosh, they are a bunch of jokers. Haha... (and they were very bad to bully poor tang.. that includes my boyfriend) aiye.... shame on you guys...

After dinner darling brought them over to Subang and we went to "yam cha" in Asia Cafe while waiting for the countdown. Everywhere was simply packed! At mignight, Asia Cafe released its lame fireworks. I felt sad just watching the first few that went off. It got rather irritating after that as they didn't stop for quite awhile. Haha... Oh bother... After yam cha-ing, we went up to Asia Club and I played a game of foosball with darling while his friends played pool. I dunno who won the foosball game cuz darling didn't keep track of his score. I just love Asia Club's foosball table. One of the best I've tried =) After foosball, darling joined his friends to play pool. Gosh they we're funny. Haha.. I was entertained with all kinds of funny expressions from his friends. We left around 3am. Very tired but i had a good time. I won't mind hanging out with darling's peeps again. (To darling: I really don't mind at all dear) They are nice people after all =)

~* joychariz *~

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Shopping Spree 2, 3 and 4

Entry: 4
29th of August 2006

Dear Diary,

The whole of last week was just simply out of this world. I got to do what i enjoy doing the most. Yeah, its shopping!! Hehe... Lucky for me, darling's holidays fell coincidently with the mega carnival sales. He could take me everywhere i wanted to go. What fun!! We practically planned out the places we wanted to go and spreaded them all throughout the week.

On Monday we went to Sunway Pyramid... again?? Haha.. Well, that was cuz darling wanted to get the black Billabong shirt he saw 2 weeks ago i think.. It looked really good on him though. I'm not kidding dear (This is true) :p He also got the car sticker that he wanted so much which says "If it's too loud then you're too old" (tsk tsk... youngsters these days.. lol) After that, we kinda walked around a bit and left. I didn't buy anything there, so basically it was only shopping for him. "Never mind", i consoled myself, "There's more to come".

Tuesday was Midvalley Megamall day. Haha.... We went straight there as soon as i came back from college. I was so excited as i anticipated and dreamt of tonnes of shopping being done there. After all, Midvalley was considered to be like the mother of all shopping paradises (next to my dearest 1utama) *winks* However, after walking and raking through each level, im sad to say that i did not buy anything at all. I just couldn't find anything suitable enough. Darling stated in his blog that i was "a bit dissapointed". Hell no... I wasn't just a bit dissapointed. I was tremendously, greatly, ginormously dissapointed. Imagine walking into every store and not finding a single thing to buy? That's more than a disaster!! Dinner did cheer me up a little. Darling took me to Manhattan's Fish Market as we decided to carry forward our anniversary dinner which was supposed to be on Thursday. Thank you darling... *muax* Happy 7th month anniversary to you too. Darling on the other hand managed to get a Giordano shirt and another Man Utd car sticker... Sigh... The world's turned upside down now. Guys are shopping more than girls!!

We didn't go anywhere on Wednesday cuz my parents came down to Subang and took me and my 2 little bros ice skating. Darling was suppose to come along but he had work to do (aww...). It was fun, tiring and over crowded with teenagers and kids. We skated for 3 hours and my youngest bro just couldnt get enough of it. The poor little guy had a sad look on his face when we left the skating ring. Well, that is just so him. Lol...

Thursday was our anniversary day... 7 months already. Time does really fly when you're loving every moment of it. Anyway, Bukit Bintang was next on our shopping plan. We actually went to 3 places in Bukit Bintang. First, we went to Times Square because darling parked his car there and finally... I bought something from Times Square's Esprit shop. That was like the sweetest moment on earth and the heavens above opened for me. I could almost hear angels singing "Hallelujah". Haha... Oh btw, the Nike shop in Times Square had the pair of baby blue Cortex Deluxe shoe i had fallen heads-over-heels for. But then, sadly to say again, it was the last pair there and it wasn't even the right size! Grrrr.... Leaving the shoe there was like tearing my soul to pieces. Sigh... After Times Square, we went over to Bukit Bintang Plaza for darling to get his blue Man Utd jersey printed with the name J.S. Park and some arm patch thingies... After printing, he bought another Man Utd car sticker... Boy, my bf is really some kind of Man Utd freak huh? Keke... From BB PLaza, we crossed over to Sg. Wang Plaza where darling got a Sub Zero shirt. Had dinner at KFC after that and joined a bunch of people to wait for some Hong Kong artist named Eason Chan. My, it was packed and i didn't even know who the guy was. Haha.. I just waited there cuz darling wanted to see him.. hehe.. but for the record, Eason's songs were nice. It was already 9 plus when everything was over. We hurried back to Times Square to get a birthday present for my friend from Esprit. Darling also got himself another shirt there. Looks very nice on him. After that darling took me to the Fruiti Dessert Shop and i tried a mango shaved ice with sago. Was very nice and COLD.... hehe.. I was so exhausted when we got back to Subang. Today was the longest day i've ever spent in Bukit Bintang.

Was feeling reluctant to get up on Friday morning to go for my morning class. Woke up 15 minutes late for my lecture and scurried to get ready. I somehow had to go to pass my friend her birthday present. Came back after that and then waited for darling to get up to take me to 1Utama, the last destination of our shopping spree. I had planned to meet my cousin Roxanne there. We went there after having lunch in Salmon Steak. I miss 1Utama so much and to my joy, i bought a couple of things there. Haha.. Got a very very nice skirt from Cheerie Lee, and 2 tops. One from WH, and the other from EDC by Esprit. Darling was happy too i guess cuz he got his blue Nike shoes at a very good price. But before that, darling was tortured into waiting for Roxanne to pick out her prom dress. Poor fella... He waited almost an hour plus in the same shop *giggles* I'm very sorry darling... Thanx for ur kind patience *muax muax*

Well, that was the last of our shopping spree for the megasales this year. I'm of course, as usual, not stopping here. I don't think darling is either... haha... Looking forward to more days like these ahead. I bet there will be plenty... *grins*

I'm loving it..
~* joychariz *~

Thursday, August 17, 2006

What I've learnt about Football Leagues

Entry: 3
17th of August 2006

Dear Diary,

I have certainly impressed myself with my own capability to digest football facts. Darling gave me a full lesson on England's football league. He said that every country has their own football league and that different leagues have different names. For example, in England, its called the English Premier League (EPL), Spain - Primera Liga, Germany - Bundes Liga, Italy - Serie A, etc. These are the top leagues of the countries. (Hey, i can't remember all these names yet :p It was given to me during the lesson.. haha)

Okay, what have i learnt about leagues?

Darling started off by teaching me about England's football leagues first. Why England? Hmm... I also dunno :p Maybe he really likes England *winks* Anyways, he said that an EPL season lasts from August to May every year. Some countries in Europe begin in September. After May, the players will have their summer break for 3 months and after that, begin a new season. The season this year which will start next week, is called EPL Season 06 - 07. For every season in England, there will be the Community Shield, EPL, FA Cup and League Cup. The Community Shield will be played first. Followed by the new EPL season and the FA Cup and League Cup which will be played throughout the season. Both the Fa Cup and League Cup are knockout competitions.

A Community Sheild is the match that took place last Sunday between Liverpool and Chelsea. Liverpool won u know... Hehe.. :p In other words, a Community Shield is the curtain raiser for every new EPL season. It is played between the champions of the EPL and the champions of the FA Cup for the last season. The 2 teams playing in the Community Shield are already included into the EPL.

The EPL will be played by 20 of England's top teams, followed by another 24 teams which will play in a lower division called the Championship Division. Lower than the Championship Division would be League 1, followed by League 2. Lower still is the Conference League, followed by the Non-league which is the lowest of them all. In the EPL, the top 20 teams will play against each other twice whereby their scores are counted by points. If a team wins, the team gets 3 points. If both teams are tied, they each get 1 point. If they lose, they dont get any points. Therefore, the standing of the table will be determined by the number of points each team has. The team with the highest points will be the champion and wins the EPL. Champions of the EPL will play in the Euro Cup and Community Shield. The top 6 teams of the EPL also qualifies for the Euro Cup where else the last 3 teams out of the 20 top teams will relegate to the Championship Division and the Champions and 1st runner up for the Championship Division will be promoted to the EPL for the new season. As for teams from the 3rd to 6th place, they will play against each other to decide who will be the last team to be promoted to the EPL in the next season.

The FA Cup usually starts in January and has its finals in May while the League Cup starts around September/October in which its finals is in February. Champions of the FA Cup will play in the Community Shield and Euro Cup.

The League Cup is a cup competition which every team in England competes for. It is opened to all the teams registered with the Football Association (FA). That means even the semi-pro teams can get to play in it, not just the pro teams. The League Cup starts from round 1 until the final. Round 1 is played between teams from the lower division. When it comes to round 2, the bottom teams from the EPL will join in. Round 3 would be joined by 10 of the top teams from the EPL. Winners from each round will progress on to the next round. However, darling says that the League Cup is usually not a priority for big teams like Man Utd, Liverpool, Arsenal, and Chelsea because there isn't much prize money. Normally when these teams play, they would put young players in to gain experience.

Well, this is all there is to my little knowledge of football leagues. I've munched on it, digested it, and kept it in my brain cells. Yet, I bet it isn't even 5% of what darling knows about the whole world of football. Man... I've got a lot more to learn. Keep it coming darling.. Muax!!

~* joychariz *~

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Shopping spree... Yay!!!

Entry: 2
11th of August 2006

Dear Diary,

It has been a lovely day today. Darling kept his word and took me shopping... AGAIN!! We went to Sunway Pyramid and I bought 2 tops. One from Topshop and the other from U2 *grins* Darling bought a tee from Wild Channel too. Everywhere is on SALE!! What I meant by "again" was because he took me to 1utama shopping centre last week as well. Isn't he just a darling...... Oh, and he's taking me to Bukit Bintang in 2 weeks time to shop... AGAIN!! Haha... and after that, who knows, i might just be craving more shopping sprees if my wallet isn't broke yet :p I still havent gone to Suria KLCC and Midvalley Megamall for this mega sales you know.... *muahaha* By the way, walking in heels is such a pain! My feet kinda hurt today after all those walking. I once wore a new pair of heels to shop a long time ago, and it almost crippled my feet! Lesson learnt: Never ever wear new heels for long walking hours. It's like a tortured death!

Anyway, lets just stick to talking about this lovely day.. It's really nice shopping with a guy (a.k.a my bf). He just follows you like a shadow without a word of complaint even if it means watching you painstakingly raking through every piece of clothing there is in that shop and hearing u grumble for the umpteenth time about sizes and colours. He's oh so sweet... *faints* :p We went to the Nike shop too to check out jerseys and stuff. Never in my life have I paid so much attention to these items. Man Utd's jerseys are well, nice.. hehe... It's a pity they don't have the new white training one that I saw in the papers. I really fancied that :p Before going back, we went to Breadstory to get the chocolate bun I liked so much (I forgot the name for that bun though) and darling got his favourite XO Durian bun (which I would like to call it his "new found love") haha... *winks* So that was the end of shopping spree 2. I feel exhausted yet energized by the thought of the next shopping spree coming up... tee hee...

~* joychariz *~

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

My First Post

Entry: 1
9th of August 2006

Dear Diary,

I'm sitting here with mixed emotions wondering if I should continue starting up this blog. For those who have known me since my A-level days, I think they would be laughing their hearts out if they should ever come across this blog. I would most probably get comments like "Again chariz??" (as Tyger would say it) or "Another blog??" (in a very, very sarcastic tone) or "Why bother!!" or even "How long is this one gonna last" and not to forget Terrence's constant nagging of "Updates, Chariz! Updates!" and dangling of candies for motivational sake. Haha.. Well, this is officially the 4th... no, its actually the 5th blog I have just created. I hopped from Xanga to Blogdrive to Blogspot to Xanga again and here I am back to Blogspot. I bet this shows that I'm not a very consistent person huh? Well, maybe... in certain ways... but not always! I'm not exactly like that you know *grin* (Are you guys giving me that cold stare down my throat right now?) Hmm.... Okay okay, I do admit being a really bad and uncommitted blogger in the past. But hey, I'm sorry alrite... Like many of you, I still deserve another chance.. Tee hee... *winks* What the crap man... Anyways, here goes... I'm giving blogging another shot after abandoning my last Xanga blog for a year plus (which grew mushrooms, algae and fungus) and I bet my darling is gonna give me all the motivation I need this time (well, at least I hope so...) :p

Cheers to me :)
~* joychariz *~