Wednesday, August 09, 2006

My First Post

Entry: 1
9th of August 2006

Dear Diary,

I'm sitting here with mixed emotions wondering if I should continue starting up this blog. For those who have known me since my A-level days, I think they would be laughing their hearts out if they should ever come across this blog. I would most probably get comments like "Again chariz??" (as Tyger would say it) or "Another blog??" (in a very, very sarcastic tone) or "Why bother!!" or even "How long is this one gonna last" and not to forget Terrence's constant nagging of "Updates, Chariz! Updates!" and dangling of candies for motivational sake. Haha.. Well, this is officially the 4th... no, its actually the 5th blog I have just created. I hopped from Xanga to Blogdrive to Blogspot to Xanga again and here I am back to Blogspot. I bet this shows that I'm not a very consistent person huh? Well, maybe... in certain ways... but not always! I'm not exactly like that you know *grin* (Are you guys giving me that cold stare down my throat right now?) Hmm.... Okay okay, I do admit being a really bad and uncommitted blogger in the past. But hey, I'm sorry alrite... Like many of you, I still deserve another chance.. Tee hee... *winks* What the crap man... Anyways, here goes... I'm giving blogging another shot after abandoning my last Xanga blog for a year plus (which grew mushrooms, algae and fungus) and I bet my darling is gonna give me all the motivation I need this time (well, at least I hope so...) :p

Cheers to me :)
~* joychariz *~

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