Saturday, August 12, 2006

Shopping spree... Yay!!!

Entry: 2
11th of August 2006

Dear Diary,

It has been a lovely day today. Darling kept his word and took me shopping... AGAIN!! We went to Sunway Pyramid and I bought 2 tops. One from Topshop and the other from U2 *grins* Darling bought a tee from Wild Channel too. Everywhere is on SALE!! What I meant by "again" was because he took me to 1utama shopping centre last week as well. Isn't he just a darling...... Oh, and he's taking me to Bukit Bintang in 2 weeks time to shop... AGAIN!! Haha... and after that, who knows, i might just be craving more shopping sprees if my wallet isn't broke yet :p I still havent gone to Suria KLCC and Midvalley Megamall for this mega sales you know.... *muahaha* By the way, walking in heels is such a pain! My feet kinda hurt today after all those walking. I once wore a new pair of heels to shop a long time ago, and it almost crippled my feet! Lesson learnt: Never ever wear new heels for long walking hours. It's like a tortured death!

Anyway, lets just stick to talking about this lovely day.. It's really nice shopping with a guy (a.k.a my bf). He just follows you like a shadow without a word of complaint even if it means watching you painstakingly raking through every piece of clothing there is in that shop and hearing u grumble for the umpteenth time about sizes and colours. He's oh so sweet... *faints* :p We went to the Nike shop too to check out jerseys and stuff. Never in my life have I paid so much attention to these items. Man Utd's jerseys are well, nice.. hehe... It's a pity they don't have the new white training one that I saw in the papers. I really fancied that :p Before going back, we went to Breadstory to get the chocolate bun I liked so much (I forgot the name for that bun though) and darling got his favourite XO Durian bun (which I would like to call it his "new found love") haha... *winks* So that was the end of shopping spree 2. I feel exhausted yet energized by the thought of the next shopping spree coming up... tee hee...

~* joychariz *~

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