Thursday, August 31, 2006

The Eve of Merdeka day

Entry: 5
31st of August 2006

Dear Diary,

It's Malaysia's 49th birthday today. Haha... Another year more to half a century since Malaysia's 1st Independence Day. I spent this year's Merdeka eve with my darling and his college friends. We went for a steamboat dinner in Sri Petaling at a restaurant called Eastern Delight.. or something like that :p I think i remember everyone who went. Let me see... there was darling, me, Chun Chi, Wei Khang, Wei Tat, Tang, Fei Ling, Kok Siang, and Jesse... or Jessie? I dunno.. haha.. But yeah, 9 of us altogether. What a crowd! Darling said that this restaurant was famous for Porridge Steamboat. Did i get that right? Is it called Porridge Steamboat? :p Anyway, it was quite okay but a tad pricey. Darling was sweet to keep serving me. (What a gentleman) *winks* It was also actually kinda fun watching his peeps cook the food and bully each other. Gosh, they are a bunch of jokers. Haha... (and they were very bad to bully poor tang.. that includes my boyfriend) aiye.... shame on you guys...

After dinner darling brought them over to Subang and we went to "yam cha" in Asia Cafe while waiting for the countdown. Everywhere was simply packed! At mignight, Asia Cafe released its lame fireworks. I felt sad just watching the first few that went off. It got rather irritating after that as they didn't stop for quite awhile. Haha... Oh bother... After yam cha-ing, we went up to Asia Club and I played a game of foosball with darling while his friends played pool. I dunno who won the foosball game cuz darling didn't keep track of his score. I just love Asia Club's foosball table. One of the best I've tried =) After foosball, darling joined his friends to play pool. Gosh they we're funny. Haha.. I was entertained with all kinds of funny expressions from his friends. We left around 3am. Very tired but i had a good time. I won't mind hanging out with darling's peeps again. (To darling: I really don't mind at all dear) They are nice people after all =)

~* joychariz *~

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