Sunday, December 10, 2006

Oldtown Kopitiam @ Subang Jaya SS15

Entry: 30
13th December 2006

Dear Diary,

I was ravenously hungry last Wednesday after work. I think it's probably because I only had a sandwich for lunch. But it was weird because I had never felt so hungry before throughout my working days in Maxis even if all I had for that day was just a Gardenia bun. Maybe my metabolism rate just got screwed up for that day somewhere along my system. Haha :p

Anyway, I was complaining of hunger to darling all the way back to Subang. Darling couldnt do anything much except to console me by saying that he'll bring me to eat immediately when we get off the train. Haha... Poor darling, always having to be all ears for my grumblings and mumblings and complainings :p Thanx for being so patient dear. Muax...

I was once again undecided on what to eat. I named a few places and darling chose Oldtown Kopitiam in Subang Jaya SS15 cuz he also wanted to try out the Wi-Fi for his new phone. I told darling I could eat a horse cuz I was on the verge of dying from hunger. Lol!

The drinks we normally order everytime we eat here. I would have their Oldtown Enrich Chocolate Ice (RM2.80) and darling always orders their famous Oldtown White Coffee Ice (RM2.00) which is what Oldtown Kopitiam is renowned for.

I would also never fail to order their Kaya & Butter Toast (RM1.00 for a single toast) which is both the chef's and my recommendation. Haha... I just love the sweetness of kaya spreaded on warm toast along with slashes of cold butter. Its wonderfully heavenly!

Darling also has his all-time-favourite here which is their Peanut Butter Toast (RM1.00 for a single toast) which he ordered a double (RM1.80). Mmmm... The yumminess of gooey peanut butter on warm toast. Absolutely mouth watering!

For my main course, and being the girl that could eat a horse, i ordered their Oldtown Nasi Rendang Chicken (RM7.80) which looks somewhat similar to their nasi lemak. My oh my, how I love the sambal that came along with it. They also gave me tender rendang chicken breast! Unlike darling, I always have a hard time eating hard and dry chicken breast which is one of the reason why I avoid eating them. I prefer the wings. I especially love Domino's honey bbq chicken wings. Yummy... Hehe... By the way, this nasi rendang has my vote at 9/10. It's really good!

Darling ordered their Nissin Noodles with egg, chicken sausage & vegetables (RM4.80). I tried this once in the past. Quite nice unlike some really tasteless noodles you get elsewhere. I particularly like the sausage which is really tasty. Goes very well with the noodles and soup. I think darling likes his noodles too because he didnt have any complaints :)

I wonder when will my hunger freak be again? Lol....

~* joychariz *~

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