Thursday, February 08, 2007

Darling's Fettish for Durians

Entry: 55
7th February 2007

Dear Diary,

My darling is a freak for durians. Hmm, despite having a lot in common, this might be one of the few things that differs between the both of us :p

"Durian is the King of Fruits well liked in Asian countries despite its pungent smell and penetrating odor that is difficult to describe. The flesh is like a thick, rich, mildly sweet custard or soft cheese-like brie. The very best durians are, per kilogram, the most expensive of all fruits during a normal harvest year. It is often eaten with sticky rice and coconut cream or used to flavor ice cream."

Durian ice-cream I can still take. But eating durians raw in the flesh is a big no-no for me. Knowing darling's craze for durians, my mum gave me a whole box of it to bring back to Subang for him. Haha, I can still see darling's eyes widening and lighting up when he saw the durians.

The thick, yellowish, devilishly rich, sweet and creamy fruit.

Totally irresistable to darling. It was a little hard and dry when darling ate it after keeping it in the fridge for 2 days. Told him to eat it earlier. Haha... :p

~* joychariz *~

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