Wednesday, February 21, 2007

California Express BBQ & Grille Station @ 1 Utama

Entry: 61
15th February 2007

Dear Diary,

My cousin sister, Roxanne, asked me out to go CNY shopping with her in 1 Utama today. We spent quite a long while walking from one end of the old wing to the other end of the new wing only to buy a single spaghetti top from Blook while my little couzie didnt manage to find anything that suits her. Sigh... Thats just so typical of last minute CNY shoppings.

Anyway, putting that aside, we decided to try out California Express BBQ & Grille Station for dinner which is located in the old wing near Jusco.

Express BBQ & Grille Station

Darling ordered their Super Trio Combo (RM14.90) which is a combination of fish and chips, chicken chop, foot long sausage, salad and mexican rice. They also included a free small mineral water. Well, darling was satisfied with their fish and chips but not happy with the chicken portion which you can see, is only a miserable little piece of drummet. The foot long sausage was also cut into half and darling didnt like the taste of the mexican rice. Hmm, but he was full alrite after finishing everything. Haha :p

Roxanne ordered their Penne Pomodoro priced at RM6.50. The portion size was fairly big. According to her, it was good and she didnt have any complaints about it.

I had their Fettuccine Cabonara which is also priced at RM6.50. This came topped with sliced ham and mushrooms. It was nice and creamy but lacked taste. Maybe the chef forgot the salt. Haha... Overall, nicely done :) The prices of food here is quite reasonable and I wouldnt mind coming here again.

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Macy said...

This is great info to know.

joychariz said...

Thanx Macy :)