Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Oldtown Kopitiam @ SS15 Subang Jaya (Revisited)

Entry: 53
6th February 2007

Dear Diary,

Darling and I decided to have dinner at Oldtown Kopitiam last night. Actually I decided. Darling just agreed. Lol :p The last time we ate here was 1 month back. I really like the outlet here in SS15 Subang Jaya. It's quiet, peaceful and spacious unlike the tiny outlet back in Seremban which is always jammed pack with people till it's so hard to even breathe! The atmosphere here is also relaxing and their service is good as the waiters are prompt to take your orders and in delievering the food.

These are the drinks that we normally order. I would always have my favourite Oldtown Enrich Chocolate Ice (RM2.80) while darling always has their famous Oldtown White Coffee Ice (RM2.00).

This is another of our regular orders which is also my top hot favourite here. Kaya and Butter Toast (RM1.80 for double toast). Best eaten when it is still hot and crunchy!!

Darling ordered their Oldtown French Toast (RM2.00). It looks and tastes similar to the french toasts you can get at Hong Kong restaurants which comes spreaded with peanut butter inside, a slash of cold butter on top, and coated with honey. Delicious!

I was undecided on what to order as my main course. I gave myself a choice between their Rice with Chicken Curry or their Nasi Rendang Chicken. Well, their Nasi Rendang Chicken (RM7.80) won my vote at 9/10 in my previous post so I decided to have that again since it was so irresistable. This time it didn't come with any french beans unlike last time. Nevertheless, still very nice and yummy. Loved the sambal and chicken.

Darling had their Nissin Noodles with Egg, Chicken Sausage, & Vegetables priced at RM4.80. I guess the special thing about this bowl of noodles lies in its sausage. Its really nice and tasty the last time I tried it. Darling finished this very fast. He must have been really hungry last night :p

~* joychariz *~

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