Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Sushi King's Privilege Bonanza @ Sunway Pyramid

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10th April 2007

Dear Diary,

As soon as we got off Genting Highlands, darling agreed to bring me for Sushi King's latest promotion which is their RM2 Privilege Bonanza!! I was the happiest girl on earth.

This promotion started on the 9th of April and lasts 4 days up till 12th of April. During this period, all sushi on the kaiten belt would only be charged RM2 per plate for Sushi King card members. Wowieee.... So little time and so much sushi!! There was such a long queue of people when we got to the outlet in Sunway Pyramid. Apparantly I wasnt the only one who knew about this promotion :p It was a full house. We waited for sometime to be seated because I wanted to seat near the kaiten belt.

Complimentary Green Tea on the house. Served nice and promtly :)

This was the first plate darling grabbed for me. Golden Balls. This consisted of deep fried egg & crabstick mayonnaise. We didnt notice that only the solid colour plates were priced at RM2 for card members. This plate costed RM4. Never mind. Worth trying! Nice and crunchy!! The rest of the sushi we had only costed RM2 per plate. Enjoy the pics!!

Chuka Wakame - Seasoned seaweed with deep fried chicken.

Inari Roll - Sweet beancurd, omelette & cucumber

Ebi - Cooked prawn

Tuna-Mayo - Tuna Mayonnaise wrapped in seaweed

Ura Futomaki - Crabstick, Cucumber, egg & dried winter melon

Sake - Fresh Salmon

Inari - Rice in sweet beancurd

Sake Roll - Salmon, cucmber & fish roe

Nihotate - Cooked scallops

Tori Karaage - Deep fried chicken nugget and mayonnaise

California Maki - Crabstick, egg, cucumber, fish roe

We left happy and full :) I wish they would have this promotion everday... *Giggles*

~* joychariz *~

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Kenneth Ng said...

Hmm... this promotion really worth it... Next time if still got the same promotion will go back again.. keke..