Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Genting Trip - Day 2

Entry: 80
10th April 2007

Dear Diary,

On day two, we woke up late and missed the breakfast buffet in First World cafe. Well, there was actually nothing much to be missed because we never found their breakfast buffet to be very fantastic or whatsoever. Since it was already time for lunch, and also time for us the fill our rumbling tummies, darling and I decided to have lunch at Hou Mei which was also on our list apart from Hainan Kitchen last night.

Hou Mei is also located in First World Plaza on Level 2.

Everytime I walk pass Hou Mei, I would never fail to notice how crowded and packed it was especially during lunch and dinner hours. I've always wondered as to how good the food is here that it draws such huge crowds. Well, I finally got to review this place for myself *winks*.

Service here was good and promt. We didnt have to wait long before we were seated down. Darling ordered a Lemonade (RM4.00) in which we shared. My gosh, the lemonade here was truly sour to the brim! I was wide awake after taking a sip of this. It kinda gave me a wake up call punch. Nice and refreshing. Works better than coffee for me. Lol.

After having read that the good stuff in this place is their Kai See Hor Fun (RM10.87), I adamantly wanted to try this and only this. By the way, what is with the 87 cents to the price?? Well, the hor fun was nice, but definitely not the soup! OMG, I couldnt freaking take the smell of the soup. To be franked, it smelt like the inside of a chicken coop! I didnt know what it was, but I couldnt finish this and was forced to abort mission. I exchanged my noodles with darling who so graciously surrendered his delicious beef noodles to me. His beef noodles tasted so good that I started feeling bad over the fact that I made darling eat my order. Sorry gong... But u did a good job finishing something that could be on Fear Factor's eatery list!! *grin* Darling termed my noodles as "Okay la...". Hehehe.

Here is what darling initially ordered before I extorted it from him. Beef Noodles. I forgot the price for this but I think it is also somewhere above RM10. It smelt so delicious. But they served wan tan mee noodles in this which was totally weird to me. Seremban's beef noodles are still the best and unbeatable ones. Anyway, the beef noodles here came with generous amounts of beef cubes. The beef cubes were well marinated and deliciously tasty!! The soup was rather good too. Darn, I still feel bad trading my horrible Kai See Hor Fun for darling's superb beef noodles :( But thumbs up for this :)

I loved the beef cubes so much that I immediately gave it the star-of-the-day award.

After lunch, we walked around First World's indoor theme park for awhile before deciding to go into Ripley's Believe It or Not. We spent about an hour there I guess. It was my first time there and darling's dunno-how-many number of times there :p After Ripley's, I wanted to go to Coffee Bean for scones. But I changed my mind after seeing how sad the scones there looked and opt for a slice of their delicious cakes :)

After taking a long and hard time deciding, we agreed on having their Chicago Cheesecake which was priced around RM9.00++. I loved its smooth and moist texture. It also had a hint of lemony taste which was nice. Cracked as it might be, it was still cheeseliciously good!

We left the city of entertainment after having our cake at around 5 plus in the evening and headed back to the city where everyday routine exists. I had a wonderfully happy time up here with darling. Im sure he enjoyed himself too. Muax... Wo ai ni gong gong... :)

~*joychariz *~

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Kenneth Ng said...

Actually the kai si hor fun wasn't that bad dear... it's just that I feel they shouldn't add in prawns that make the soup to smell like chicken coop... :p Yea I enjoyed myself.. we'll be going again next time! :D