Tuesday, April 17, 2007

KTZ Foods @ Plaza OUG

Entry: 78
5th April 2007

Dear Diary,

Darling met up with Chun Chi, his ex-collegemate, for dinner today. We went to KTZ Foods located in Plaza OUG. I'm pretty sure everyone is familiar with this dessert eatery especially when it comes to their popular shaved ice desserts. This isnt the only KTZ outlet around as there are others located in SS2, Kepong, Bkt Bintang and more perhaps? Anyway, this is my first visit to the OUG outlet and I dont find it as busy and cramped as the outlets in Bkt Bintang and SS2. Nevertheless, we ordered the night away... :)

The menu here is short and simple. You can find a variety of shaved ice desserts and sweet broths to choose from at reasonable prices.

Both darling and Chun Chi decided to have the Mango Loh shaved ice dessert which is priced at RM5.50. This dessert consists of shaved ice that comes with loads of juicy mango cubes, mango puree and lots of sago too. Deliciously refreshing and sweet :)

I, on the other hand decided to try their Red Bean Loh hoping that it would be just as nice as their Mango Loh. Priced at RM5.00, this shaved ice dessert comes with sweetened red beans with milk and cashew nuts. I was a bit doubtful when I saw the cashew nuts but after tasting it, I found that it was a rather good combination after all :) Loved it!

This is the Woh Peng I have been raving so madly to darling about for almost a year! Finally, after so long, we manage to find a place that actually serves this fried dessert. A plate of this woh peng costs RM3.50 and you can choose to have it filled with either red bean or lotus paste. Very nice and yummy but the one here isnt able to beat the one I had at a Seremban restaurant a long time ago. This dessert must be eaten when its still hot and crisp.

For his main course, Chun Chi opt for their Steamed Chicken Rice which is priced at RM4.80. This bowl of chicken rice was served in a very small bowl. So small that both darling and I were doubtful that Chun Chi had enough to fill his stomach. But he claimed that he was full. So okay... Haha.. No comments here as I did not try any of it.

This is what darling had. Szechuan Dry Noodles priced at RM4.50. It looks somewhat like the chinese version of bolognese spaghetti to me. Lol!! Darling commented that it was mediocre but i thought it was a much better version of szechuan noodles compared to the soup one I had. This noodles was filled with meat and mushroom. Quite flavourful but could be nicer if it was a little spicy :p

I ordered their Szechuan Soup Noodles which is also priced at RM4.50. Everything was fine about this bowl of noodles except that it contained some sort of pickled vege which I didnt quite like. But it wasnt as bad after all as it did come with lots of meat slices in it. Darling said that my soup noodles tasted much nicer than his dry noodles. Hmm... I dunno, I find it the other way round :p

Our bill came up to a total of RM35 which was paid by darling. Thank you gong gong for the nice dinner. XoXo....

~* joychariz *~

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Kenneth Ng said...

The noodles not bad.. much much much better than Nanako's. And baby got to eat her woh peng.. kekeke... overall it was a good dinner.