Sunday, April 15, 2007

McDonalds @ Suria KLCC

Entry: 77
4th April 2007

Dear Diary,

*Grin* It has been awhile since my last post on Jack's Place. Had been quite busy and my reviews have been accumulating ever since on my laptop. Anyway, darling brought me to Suria KLCC two Wednesdays ago. We actually came here to pass up some bank forms and well, ended up shopping as well. I got myself another pair of evening heels at Nose. Love it so much! :)

Darling took a few pictures outside Suria KLCC by the fountains. I think this is the best looking of them all.

Yea, we were hungry and I was craving for McDonalds out of the blue. Can't remember the last time I ate at McDs. Must have been some time ago. So we went to the Signature's Food Court where they had a McD's kiosk there and thanx to my crave, I ordered a LARGE Chicken McDeluxe set meal while darling had a medium McChicken Sandwich set meal. We of course exchanged our drinks as I'm never able to finish a large coke all by myself *giggles*

Signature Fries of the golden arch :) No other fast food outlet makes fries as good as McDs.

Here's my burger in its wrapping :p

And here it is butt naked!! Hahaha... This burger never fails to satisfy me. I just love the piece of fried crunchy chicken fillet in it.

Here's darling's burger with its wrapper on *duhh* :p

And poof.... wrapper off revealing the treasure hidden inside. Tee hee... :p

Yes, my crave has been satisfied by the Golden Arches. I'm happy and I'm loving it!

~* joychariz *~


Kenneth Ng said...

Wow... I still cant believe that the KLCC pic was taken by me.. It's so nice.. kekeke..

Anonymous said...

Woei Harng here la....browsing
your blog during midnight again -.- haiz...hungry liao~
you didnt update your blog regularly o...dun lazy ah~ post some more nice dishes... then i can remember your blog when i hungry at home during midnight ^o^

joychariz said...

Haha.. Woei Harng, I didnt know you will visit my blog during midnight one :p now exam period ma. Where got time to update so regularly oh. After exam I update more k. Stay tune... Keke...