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Tony Roma's @ Sunway Pyramid

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24th April 2007

Dear Diary,

It is already the 15th month since darling and I got together now. Wow, time really does fly by when u're have fun. Tee hee :p Psst... I'll let you in on a little secret. This is the longest relationship I've ever been in. Lol!! Now it is no longer a secret. Hahahaha... Anyway, to celebrate our 15th month anniversary today, darling brought me to Tony Roma's in Sunway Pyramid for dinner.

I have heard and read so much about Tony Roma's. My knowledge of this place ranges from its origins to its huge servings in steaks and ribs. Yummilicious!! Tony Roma's which originated from the States, had just opened its first outlet here in Sunway Pyramid not too long ago last year. I've read many comments from other foodies mentioning their disappointment in the outlet here being Halal. It seems that Tony Roma's is well known for their baby back ribs which is sadly unavailable in Malaysia. Oh well, never mind that. Both darling and I found the service here to be excellently good. Waiters were prompt in serving and taking your orders as well as being attentive to your needs. The waitress that served us for the evening was especially helpful in explaining everything to us in detail. I would have given her an A++ if it wasnt for one major flaw which was her heavy accent whereby darling and I could hardly understand whatever she told us. Hmm... I was like 'Huh?'. Lol :p

For drinks, darling chosed to go for their bottomless Coke which was priced at RM6.90.

I decided to have a Chocolate Milkshake which was priced at RM9.90. Very sweet, thick, creamy and nice :)

Complimentary Bread on the house with garlic spread.

These were the BBQ sauces in which we had a hard time understanding what the waitress was explaining to us. Haha!! Apparently, they had 4 types of BBQ Sauces ranging from original BBQ sauce, smoked BBQ sauce, honey BBQ sauce and hot BBQ sauce. Darling and I both agreed that the best were the hot and smoked BBQ sauce. The other 2 were simply unbearable.

For his main course, darling chose to have their Signature NY Strip. Priced at RM49.90, this 10 oz strip is grilled to your liking (medium or well-done) and topped with their special steak butter. Mmmm... its already delicious even in my imagination. This entree also includes two side dishes in which darling chose to have their fries and mashed potatoes. Darling ordered his steak to be medium done. It turned out very nice and juicy with a hint of pinkness in the centre. Darling's fries were absolutely large and good but the mashed potatoes were a disappointment to us as it was tasteless and lacked cream. Aside from that, I would give this steak thumbs up for its perfection. Darling enjoyed this steak very much too :)

I ordered their Grilled Chicken Spinach Stack for my main course. Priced at RM29.90, this entree consisted of two stacked, grilled chicken breasts straight from the open grill covered with a rich blend of four cheeses, artichoke hearts and creamy spinach. It also came served with rice and sauteed vege which I switched to mash potatoes thinking that it was good. A very bad choice made there I suppose. Hmph... But my chicken was quite good and blended well with the cheese. I've never expected cheese and spinach to be such a good combination together. Lol :p

Yes, we never fail to have dessert. Despite finishing such huge portions of our main meals (well, I cheated, darling helped me out here.. hehe :p), we ordered their signature Chocolate Avalanche (RM12.90) as I was curious to know what chocolate molten cake tasted like. This dessert consisted of a molten chocolate cake overflowing with vanilla ice-cream, hot fudge and Oreo crumbles. It is described in the menu to be a true dessert explosion. It definitely was a sinfully rich explosion and I enjoyed every bite of it. Now I know what molten cake tastes like :) Darling said that the molten cake in Chili's is way better. Gotta try that out one day.

Oh, I forgot to mention that our dessert was served in a martini glass. Sweet... *grin*

We got complimentary Mentos sweets and warm towels at the end of our meal. Im starting to love this place already. Good food, nice service, romantic atmosphere, what more could we ask for? Erm, the bill perhaps?? Haha... Thank you darling for such a wonderful evening. You know it will be treasured in my heart, locked and sealed forever. I love you gong... Muax muax...

~* joychariz *~

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Kenneth Ng said...

No problem dear... muax.. I agree with darling.. I start to love this place already as well... The steak here is much nicer than Chili's and Jack's Place's one.. I haven't try TGI's one yet... Maybe next time.. The dessert was good also.. will go back for more! kekeke...