Sunday, May 06, 2007

Lunch @ Asia Cafe

Entry: 82
19th April 2007

Dear Diary,

I kinda demanded darling to accompany me for lunch today during my class break. Lol. And darling was in no position to decline so he rushed back from Jalan Gasing where he went to settle his KWSP stuff. Since I had to go back for classes later, we decided to have lunch in Asia Cafe.

I was craving so many things that day. Here is the Sarawak Kolo Mee that I've been wanting to try for a long long time. Priced at RM4.00 per plate, this mee comes with minced meat, sliced fish cakes, sliced char siew meat, vege, and a piece of fried wonton. It kind of resembled hakka mee and gosh, do I miss that a lot!! Wonder when will darling bring me to eat that in Alison again??? Hmm... anyway, the kolo mee here was not good at all. It was practically too dry and tasteless for my liking. Even the fried wonton was just a piece of unstuffed wonton skin. Argh, I dont like that. It tasted to empty :( Not gonna order this anymore. Its just not worth my 4 bucks.

I also bought this Nyonya Nasi Lemak (RM1.50) from the little stall in Asia Cafe selling an assortment of nyonya kuihs and cakes. Small as it is, this nasi lemak is definitely a winner among all the foods there. The sambal was totally awesome and spicy. Just the way I like it. Oh, I had their Curry Puff (RM1.00) too which was fantastic and quite similar to the ones they have in IKEA. I simply love Ikea's curry puffs. Wonder if Old Chang Kee's one in 1 Utama tastes nicer.

Darling tried this Ramyean (RM5.00) or also known as Korean Noodles from the Korean stall. We suspect that this noodles came from one of those packeted ones you can get in the supermarket for only RM2.99. Haha... Well, it tasted very similar. The only additional stuff u get here is the kim-chi which none of us liked :p

Finally.... Our dessert for today. We had Asia Cafe's ABC (RM3.80). This was the second time we'r having it and we found that it wasnt as nice as the first time as it was a little diluted. Anyway, it was still good and refreshing on such a hot day. Both darling and I agreed that their shaved peach ice tastes much much better and sweeter than their ABC. Cant wait to have that again. Its so yummy :)

~* joychariz *~


Ben Dawos said...

That Kolo Mee looks good in the picture, though... For RM4 they should've given you a bowl of soup at least, and I can't believe they just gave you a piece of unstuffed wonton skin : P You should've asked for RM1.50 back, at least! My favourite Sarawak Kolo Mee can be found over at Tabuan Jaya. Delicious, and the lady there is friendly.

Kenneth Ng said...

No doubt the kolo mee is tasteless... I tried it.. but the nasi lemak is really nice.. will buy again next time.. Hmm.. as for the Korean noodles.. I can even cook it myself.. Js go to Cold Storage and buy the instant Korean noodles.. gao dim!

jimie said...

have u tried the cabonara spagetti in asia cafe?its realy nice.i love it alot:)