Saturday, May 19, 2007

Sri Murni @ SS2

Entry: 91
17th May 2007

Dear Diary,

Darling brought me for Spiderman 3 today at 1 Utama's GSC. We got to watch it in GSC's 2nd hall which was huge!! Hehe... I totally love watching movies there. The seats were awesome :p Anyway, it was a pretty long movie and I had butt cramps after the show. And I was hungry too... Hehe. Darling gave in to my request to go to Sri Murni in SS2. I've been wanting to try the food in this place for a long time. It was packed by the time we got there around 9pm plus. It was hard enough getting a parking and it was harder locating an empty table. We waited awhile before getting one.

We ordered their famous Roti Hawaii (RM5.00) which is actually roti canai packed with goodies like minced burger patties, sausages and topped with mayonnaise. Pretty creative of them! This is something we have not tried before and it turned out to be quite nice.

I've also heard that they were famous for their Claypot Lou Shi Fun (RM4.00) so we ordered a pot to try. It came topped with raw egg which is supposed to be cooked by the heat of the noodles when you stir it in. The noodles was nice but it lacked something which brings out the flavour of it. Hmm, dried salted fish perhaps? Cuz the good ones I've had always came with salted fish.

We also had Nasi Goreng Bacon (RM 6.00) which was a little too oily for our liking. Would have been nicer if they had put in more bacon and sausages and a little less onions. Lol :p

For drinks, we ordered their Mango Special (RM6.00) which was refreshingly good. It came with longans, fruit cubes and pieces of watermelon in it.

After trying the food here, we still find Steven's Corner unbeatable even though the crowd here may be surprisingly huge. But nevertheless, its still worth trying :p

~* joychariz *~