Friday, May 11, 2007

BBQ Plaza (Revisited) @ Sunway Pyramid

Entry: 89
8th May 2007

Dear Diary,

Yes!! Here we are back again at Sunway Pyramid's good old BBQ Plaza. Actually it's not that old :p Its just that we frequent this outlet a lot. And I mean really a lot! :p And I suddenly have the urge to blog about it again :) It sizzles, its yummy, its delicious, and most important of all, it makes me smile. Thats why darling chose to bring me here after "he-knows-what". *Giggles*

And the little green dragon on menu roars too, but only in the advertisement on tv :p

The familiar hotplate to cook our food.

Their famous and special BBQ Sauce. Believe me, this vegetarian-based sauce imported all the way from Bangkok is really something you definitely have to try. I fell in love with it ever since the first time I tried it. And I must admit being able to eat up to 4 little bowls of it *shy* Hehe... Anyway, this sauce is eaten together with the meat you cook to bring out the finest flavours in each morsels of meat and seafood. To add a twist to the sauce, you would have to mix it together with the fresh cut chilies, garlic and squeezed lime provided. And walla!! You have a masterpiece :)

This is the stuff that makes ur hotplate sizzle.

See, I told you so :p

Everything you cook has to be enjoyed with this bowl of fluffy steamed rice which comes together with the supreme set we ordered. You can also opt to upgrade your rice to garlic rice for an additional RM1.50.

We ordered the Supreme Mixed Set for Two (RM30). This mixed set includes both pork and beef, bacon, chicken meat, prawns, squids, loads of vege, and udon noodles.

Ooh, this side dish is my favourite. Cant miss ordering their Bacon to cook when you're here. I totally busted thoughts of my diet and fats when I see this pretty plate flashing before my eyes.

Darling did all the cooking that day, and I think I did most of the eating other than merely putting the vege into the boiling water at the side of our hotplate *shy*

Here it is, the star-of-the-day. My yummy bacon patiently sizzling on the hotplate while I'm impatiently steaming on my chair :p

Thank you darling for the BBQ treat. You cheered me up a lot! I heart you!!

~* joychariz *~

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Kenneth Ng said...

Awww... you are welcome darling... I heart you too... muax! well... the sauce is really really nice.. and the beef... the bacon.. the squid... everything! but the cooked food there is not recommended. Me and baby tried a few before this and they sucked.. Just go there for the BBQ.. :)