Sunday, November 26, 2006

Little Taiwan @ Subang Jaya SS15

Entry: 19
26th November 2005

Dear Diary,

Exams are finally over. It ended last Monday. What a great relief off my shoulders yet I was too tired to think of celebrations. All I wanted to do was sleep and get rid of my terrible mouth ulcer. Thank goodness I've found a cure for big, ugly, pain-stabbing mouth ulcers. It's a wonderfully magical little bottle of lotion called Oral Aid (RM6.00) in which I would without a doubt highly recommend to everyone suffering from ulcers. When applied, it numbs the ulcer completely that you wont even feel it there. You can then resume your normal routines of eating, drinking, talking, and shouting. Haha... :p It also speedens up the recovery of the ulcer. Mine was totally healed in just 2 days of constant application. I still cant exactly believe that such a small little bottle costing only 6 bucks could take away a huge load of misery and pain. As of today, I bid ulcer pains adieu.

I asked darling to decide where to go for dinner. He chose Little Taiwan which is located opposite Taylor's College in Subang Jaya SS15. It was our second visit to this restaurant.

Lots and lots of drinks to choose from :)

...and not to mention food too!

Our drinks. I ordered their Peach Pearl Milk Tea (RM3.50). Absolutely lovely :) Darling had their Peach Ice-blended (RM5.90) which was very nice as well.

I've forgotten the name of this particular food darling ordered but I think it sounded something like Spicy Fish Fillet Rice with Minced Meat (RM8.90). I tried some. It was good!

I had their Sweet & Sour Pork Rice (RM7.90). I loved the way they marinated the pork. It was really tasty. Thumbs up :)

The address:
Little Taiwan
No. 24, Jalan SS15/8,
Subang Jaya.

~* joychariz *~

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