Monday, November 13, 2006

Ice-Cream Waffles @ A&W Seremban

Entry: 16
12th November 2006

Dear Diary,

Went out yam cha with darling awhile ago after dinner. It has been such a long time since I last ate waffles so I told darling that I wanted to go to A&W. And yay! He took me there. Hehe... :p

The waffles here aren't as elaborated and flamboyant as the ones in Waffle World as they only have 2 types of waffles that is the Ice-cream Waffle and Waffle with Butter & Honey. Somehow I still prefer A&W's waffles. It's just simple and sweet! :) I ordered their Vanilla Ice-cream Waffle with Strawberry Sauce (RM4.90). Mmmm... The waffle was freshly made n served hot. Yummilicious!! Too bad they stinged on the ice-cream portion though... :(

Oh, darling gave me a lesson on how to cut waffles into straight pieces. I'm kind of a bad cutter... Yes, it's embarrassing, I know... :p

~* joychariz *~

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Anonymous said...

Haiz....but there need to pay PARKING FEES while others fast food do not require us to do so!
Must exceed rm5 resit to have ONE hour free parking....sigh