Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Zen Japanese Restaurant @ Sunway Pyramid

Entry: 71
12th March 2007

Dear Diary,

After coming to Zen with my friends last February, I kept bugging darling to bring me here for more. I was totally craving for their Soft-shell Crab Temaki. I find the quality of the food here to be exceptionally good compared to other japanese restaurants like Shogun or Sushi King and I really liked the setting and ambience of this place. However, this place tends to be a little pricy too in comparison to other japanese outlets.

Zen Japanese Restaurant is located above Kim Gary in Sunway Pyramid.

Look at my pretty plate :) Zen offers good service as the waitress who served us was promt in bringing us warm towels and our drinks.

Green tea on the house.

As it was a Monday, we also got free complimentary Mango Crushes which comes when you order one of their set meals. I didnt quite like the taste of this drink as I found it too diluted.

Well, I did get what I craved for at last!! The Soft-shell Crab Temaki priced at RM8 here is totally superb. I love it! Darling had a Spicy Salmon Roll (on the left) which is priced at RM6. Upon his first bite, darling complaint that the roll wasnt spicy at all. But towards the middle of the roll, he was almost choking from its spiciness. Lol :p

Choosing a main course was a tough call. Zen has such a HUGE menu, that we took quite awhile deciding what to eat. Darling finally settled for their Sushi Yakiniku Yen which is a BBQ beef set that comes with 7 pieces of assorted sushis. The set also included chawan mushi, miso soup, and a bowl of fruits. All of this at the price of RM38. Not bad at all... and trust me, the portions served were as HUGE as its menu. Haha :p

I decided to have their Unagi Kabayaki Zen (RM28). This is a roasted eel set which comes included with chawan mushi, miso soup, a bowl of something with loads of beef fats which I didnt like and a little bowl of fruits just like the one darling had :) The unagi tasted great at first, but I soon got sick of it as there were 4 large slices of it in my rice box. Ugh, I promised myself never to touch unagi again for at least 3 months :p

We were both so stuffed full after eating that we didnt manage to go try out DOME's brownies and ice-cream. In fact, we went home feeling sick and bloated on the verge to throw out japanese puke. What do the japs call that? Hehe...

~* joychariz *~


Kenneth Ng said...

Zen Japanese Restaurant is the best Japanese restaurant I've visited so far.. the food is fresh and the portion they serve is quite big too.. just a bit pricey.. but overall rating for the food and the restaurant.. 7.5/10

Anonymous said...

This restaurant is full of bullshit.

On the Sunway voucher given out, Zen says free Mocha, but when I went there, they said need to eat at least RM50. But it's not even indicated in the voucher that in order to get free Mocha must eat RM50.

If not willing to give free Mocha, just don't give out free voucher as a gimmick to attract people to go there.

Wasted my time going there. Zen bullshit!!