Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Kim Gary @ Midvalley Megamall

Entry: 72
14th March 2007

Dear Diary,

Darling took me shopping at Midvalley Megamall on his off-day today after my class. We got there way past lunch time again and yea, we were hungry!! After a heavy japanese dinner last night, I thought I would never want to eat again. Haha... Anyway, we decided to go to Kim Gary for a late lunch / early dinner as I had been wanting to drink their fabulous Red Bean Ice again :)

Kim Gary is still at the top of my Hong Kong restaurant list...

Here it is at last... The Red Bean Ice (RM4.50) drink (on the left) I've been waiting so long for! I simply love the sweet and millky taste of this drink. Simply wonderful. Darling tried their Iced Blue Fruit Punch (RM4.50). That was pretty adventurous of him! I tried some, wasnt too bad. Quite nice although I've forgotten what it was made of :p

I wanted to eat something light so I opt for their Pork Chop Burger in Macau Style which is priced at RM5.90. I've read good reviews on this burger and yeap, the taste was as good as the comments. However this burger came loaded with lots and lots of mayonnaise which was a big no no for me. I practically had to scrape it all out after taking a few bites. Darling looked disgusted as he hated the eggy stuff too :p Other than that, everything was perfecto!

Darling wanted to have something spicy so he chosed their Hot & Spicy Noodles with Beef in 'Typhoon Shelter' style (RM11.20). What a name man!! I was so shock when it came. The bowl was as big as a wash basin!! Seriously.. No kidding! They served it together with a pair of chopsticks and a LADLE!!! Haha... It was hillariously BIG :p It looked spicy alright, but then it was full of bean sprouts! That totally ruined the whole thing. The soup, noodles, everything tasted like bean sprouts. Not very nice huh? Darling complaint the most! Poor him...

And not to forget the Sweetened Condensed Milk & Peanut Butter Thick Toast (RM3.50) which we never fail to order. Darling and I simply love this thick toast. However, we found the toast to be a little too thick this time. That made our eating procedure kinda dry. Otherwise no complaints from us at all *grin*

~* joychariz *~

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Kenneth Ng said...

Hmm.. like what darling said.. Kim Gary is also at the top of my HK restaurants list! :D The food quality is much better than the other HK restaurants outside.. by the way the drink I had was made out of fruits.. coz it's a fruit punch.. kekeke... :p