Sunday, March 25, 2007

Pasta Buffet @ Italiannies, 1 Utama

Entry: 75
21st March 2007

Dear Diary,

Here comes the day darling and I have been waiting ages for. Italiannies 'Never Ending' Pasta Buffet on every Wednesday at only RM19.90++ per person is truly never never ending for us. We've been coming back for good quality pasta and it is now our 3rd visit here today. We headed off to 1 Utama for a late lunch and a shopping trip right after my class in the afternoon. I thought we could eat a horse since we were both famished to the verge of death. Haha... Well, not so serious la :p

The thing I love about Italiannies is the setting of this restaurant. It's quite a cosy and romantic place to bring your special someone on any occasion for fine dinning. Their menu however, is not very extensive in food but you'll be amazed at the variety of cocktails and alcoholic drinks they serve. I spent some considerable time meditating on their unique names but I cant remember any unfortunately :p

Never Ending Bowls of Pasta. Yes people!! All you can eat pasta. Just mix and match the choices available on their menu, order and enjoy!

I just love their complimentary bread dipped in olive oil and balsmic vinegar in which the waiter pours into a little platter. They used to serve us 5 to 6 slices of bread on our first two times here, but today they only gave us 4 slices. Maybe they sort of noticed that we never finished the bread.

This is the Fettuccine Beef Bacon Cabonara I ordered. I for one, go weak with desire everytime I see the word cabonara appear. What more if it's simply calling my name from Italiannies' menu?? The cabonara here is simply fabulous and it is the only pasta I would talk about even in my dreams. Its rich creamy sauce is perfectly paired with their smoked beef bacon. A match made in heaven...

Darling, my one and only true cabonara buddy, also enjoys a good plate of cabonara. He opt for Penne Beef Bacon Cabonara as he was hoping that by ordering penne, the portion size would be smaller. To our surprise, the serving that came was huge. Much more than my fettuccine. And it was so unfair that his had more cream sauce than mine :( Lol...

For his 2nd round, darling ordered Penne in Spicy Marinara and topped with Calamari. Those fried calamaries were really good. Just like the one we had in TGI Fridays. But I think the one in TGIs was better. Darling complained that the spicy marinara sauce wasnt spicy at all. I guess it was drowned out by the tomato puree.

For my 2nds, I ordered Penne in Pomodoro sauce topped with Mussels. I regretted ordering this as I didnt like the whole thing at all. The tomato based sauce was too sour and my mussels tasted unfresh. I couldnt finish this plate and that was all I could take for the day. The same went for darling as he was just too full and sick of the spicy marinara pasta. This totally contradicts my introduction of Italiannies' good quality pasta! Well maybe we'll only have their cabonara the next time we come here :p Oh and the calamari as well!! :D

~* joychariz *~


Kenneth Ng said...

Oh no... I'm hungry liao.... haha! The cabonara here is the best!

Anonymous said...

psst .... the promotion has ended.

joychariz said...

Oh really? I didnt know that it has ended. The last time I went there was 2 weeks ago :p