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Coffee Mug @ Seremban 2

Entry: 65
24th February 2007

Dear Diary,

Today is the 13th month anniversary for me and darling. It so happens to fall on a Saturday when we're back in Seremban. To celebrate, darling brought me to Coffee Mug located in Seremban 2 near Columbia Hospital. It is a quiet little cafe serving both western and local food. I like the atmosphere here as its peaceful and I just have a thing for dim-lighting places (which explains the rather yellowish quality of my food pictures). Romantic... haha :) The hospitality here is good. They have prompt service and as it was raining when we got here, there was a waiter who actually stood at the front of the cafe with an umbrella waiting to receive guests. Im impressed :)

Okay, anyway back to the food. This is my second visit to the cafe and it took me quite awhile to decide on my order. Everything seemed so deliciously named. I had trouble deciding between taking a set meal or going ala carte. I guess darling was also in the same situation thanks to their extensive menu :p The prices here are pretty reasonable too.

Choosing the drinks wasnt a problem. Darling ordered Iced Peach Tea (RM4.40) and I had Watermelon Juice (RM4.90). My watermelon juice was fine but darling wasnt quite happy with his peach tea as he suspected that it came from one of those normal peach teabags plus it wasnt really "Iced" :p Darling prefers Nestea's Iced Peach Tea with loads of ice. Haha.

After taking a long tedious time, I finally decided to go ala carte and settled for their Stuffed Cheese Dory Fish priced at RM14.90. It looked somewhat like fish n chips. The dory fish is stuffed with cheddar cheese and fried with batter. Not really fantastic but was very similar to Secret Recipe's Chicken Cordon Bleu. It would have been better if they stuffed more cheese into it. The portion size was bigger than I'd expected. Im rating this at 7.5/10. Averagely good.

This is darling's Grilled Monterray Chicken which is also priced at RM14.90. It was surprisingly served with rice and salad. I was expecting to see fries and coleslaw actually :p What I had in mind was Chili's Monterray Chicken Steak which comes smothered in cheese and tomato-based sauce. Ooh... delicious!! Well, Coffee Mug certainly has a different perspective of Monterray Chicken as theirs was spicy. Hmm, something different but not to darling's fancy. I think he also had Chili's Monterray Chicken Steak in mind when he ordered this :p

Our bill came up about RM 40++ that night. I wanted to try their cheesecakes as darling said they serve nice cakes here. But darling didnt order any for me *pouts* Im still waiting for my cheesecake dear :p What is an anniversary celebration without a slice of cake?? Haha... Thanks for the dinner dear and Happy 13th month Anniversary to us.

~* joychariz *~

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