Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Italiannies @ One Utama

Entry: 35
2nd January 2007

Dear Diary,

Wednesday is Pasta Day at Italiannies with their 'Never ending bowls of pasta' buffet. Darling brought me here two Wednesdays ago. We wanted to see how much pasta we could eat before giving up :p At the price of RM 19.90++, you can have as many servings of different pastas (Spagetthi, Penne, Linguine, Angel Hair & Fettuccine) with different kind of sauces (Pomodoro, Arrabiato, Carbonara, Spicy Marinara & Aglio Olio) and toppings (Shrimp, Fried Calamari, Diced Salmon, Broccoli, Beef Bacon, Clams, Chicken & Mussels). Best of all, you get to combine ur choice of pasta, sauce and topping as u wish. Awesome!! I couldnt wait to get started...

'Never Ending Bowls of Pasta' every Wednesday only @ Italiannies

We started off with their complimentary bread which is dipped into olive oil and balsmic vinegar.

My first choice of pasta was Fettucine in Cabonara sauce and Beef Bacon topping. This pasta was the star of the day. I totally loved the creamy cabonara sauce and beef bacon in which was served in a very generous portion. It's a combination made in heaven!

Darling's first choice was Spaghetti in Cabonara sauce and Salmon topping. I think darling enjoyed this very much being the ultimate salmon fan. Haha!! I tried some of his salmon. Pretty good. Darling said the cabonara sauce camouflages the fishy taste of the salmon very well. Cool...

My second choice was Linguine in Spicy Marinara sauce and Fried Calamari topping. My, I loved the crunchiness of the fried calamari. Amazingly good. The Marinara sauce was a little too sour for me though. I only managed to finish half this serving as I was already quite full after my first plate of pasta.

Darling's second choice was Penne in Arrabiato sauce and Mussels topping. Darling commented that this was good. The mussels looked BIG! I tried one. Absolutely nice and juicy. Yummy :)

I have to salute darling as he ordered his thrid plate of pasta. My, this guy can really eat. At times, I cant help but wonder what is he made of. Haha... His high metabolism rate amazes me. Anyway, darling chose Fettucine in Aglio Olio sauce and Shrimp topping. Those shrimps that came along were huge. Darling didnt have much to say about this pasta. I guess he was already starting to feel like a stuffed turkey then. Tee hee... :p

We were very satisfied at the end of the meal. Both of us full to the brim. Haha... This is the perfect place to dine at when u get really hungry and fancy an unlimited flow of food. But only on a Wednesday of course *grin*

*~ joychariz ~*

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