Friday, October 13, 2006

Bread Story & Secret Recipe @ Sunway Pyramid

Entry: 11
12th of September 2006

Dear Diary,

After having so much to eat yesterday at Starhill, I decided that I should eat something light today. Scared fat la... Haha :p I told darling that I wanted to go to Bread Story in Sunway Pyramid so he took me there after his class.

Our tray of goodies :) I chose the Spiderman bun (bun with sweet cream cheese filling, RM1.80) and the Stairway to Heaven (the long roll filled with mango custard and powdered sugar dusting on top, RM2.60). Darling chose the huge Flossy Big Label (bread with spicy chicken floss and crunchy sausage filling, RM3.50), his favourite XO Durian bun (bun with golden durian filling, RM2.60), and the Sausage Cheese Roll (sausage roll with melted cheese topping, RM1.80).

My bun of the day. Webed with chocolate streaks, icing sugar for the eyes and sweet cream cheese for its filling, this bun takes the image of Spiderman. Would be really perfect if there was more cream cheese in its filling :) I rate it 8/10.

Darling's bun of the day. His all time favourite XO Durian bun. This bun is filled with golden cooked durian and topped with dry grated coconut. A must try for durian lovers like my other half *winks* His rating of this bun is 9/10.

We stopped by Secret Recipe to try their new cake of the month - Caramel Cream Cheesecake (RM5.80 per slice). There isn't much about this cake to shout about. Tasted like any normal baked cream cheesecake except that it's topped with caramel and came with crunchy almonds in its base.

On the way to the car park, we passed by Dunkin' Donuts. It's been quite awhile since I last ate my favourite Chocolate Pudding Donut and I had been craving it for so long! Had been resisting for the fear of high calories and sugar contents... hmmm...

I finally gave in to temptation... My sweet sweet Chocolate Pudding Donut... This doughnut is filled with thick creamy chocolate (Sunway's outlet was a bit stingy with the chocolate filling though) and dusted with powdered icing sugar (RM1.90). Darling fell in love with it instantly! Haha..

We also passed by this Tropical Fruit Juice stall selling preserved fruits. This stall is located next to Dunkin' Donuts outlet and has a variety of preserved fruits for you to choose from at RM2.20 per 100gram.

Darling chose the Apple Mango fruit which is quite nice. I don't know how many grams we bought but it came to RM4.80. You do the maths k? I'm too lazy to count :p

~* joychariz *~

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