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B.B.Q Plaza @ Sunway Pyramid

Entry: 9
6th of October 2006

Dear Diary,

I and darling decided to try out BBQ Plaza's newly opened outlet in Sunway Pyramid today. We've seen loads of advertisements on this place and were wondering if it was as good as it looks. I wanted to try this outlet badly after reading quite a lot of good reviews on it by some food bloggers. This is the restaurant with the huge green dino that greets you at the restaurant's entrance. The Sunway Pyramid outlet seems quite spacious and the interior is nice and well lighted :) I was shocked when I found out that BBQ Plaza actually originates from Thailand and is a fusion of both Mongolian and Korean table top cooking. Wow! All these while I had been thinking it was some Hong Kong restaurant because of the chinese words. Hmph....

Anyway, we each ordered the lunch express set (1 person) which is priced at RM9.90++. You are given a choice between the beef set or pork set. I had the pork set while darling chose the beef set (He's a beef lover) :p As you can see in the picture above, the set comes with a bowl of garlic rice, their special BBQ sauce (which is imported weekly from Thai), 2 plates of meet and vege (darling's set had beef, chicken, and sotong), and a drink (I and darling both chose coke). Looks really good! I couldn't wait to start cooking! *grin*

A picture of my yummy garlic rice and special BBQ sauce upclose. They have an option of white rice available too. I love the BBQ sauce so much! Would be nicer if it were a bit spicier. The waiter told us that we had to mix in the chillies, lime and garlic given to bring out the flavor of the sauce. Darling finished his whole bowl of sauce and started digging into mine. That's how good it was.

The pork lard is firstly placed on to the top of the hotplate and left to sizzle its fats out. Haha.... It is to grease the hotplate for cooking the meats....

The first slice of pork meat placed on the hotplate :) That's mine mine mine!!! Notice the water boiling at the side of the grill? Its for our vege and udon noodles (our set lunch did not include udon noodles.. sad!) The vege tasted nice and sweet after being boiled in the chicken stock soup.

Darling holding up a strip of chicken meat. Hehe... :p

Sizzle sizzle sizzle... Yummm.... Waiting for our food to cook...

Darling's such a pro when it comes to things like these... Maybe I don't have to worry about cooking next time *winks* :p

Our bill total came to RM22.80 including tax. Sorry for the blur shot. Couldn't get a steady snap :(

Two satisfied BBQ-ers :) I thought that it was a pretty fun experience. The service was good as the waiters were attentive and helpful. Oh by the way, you don't have to worry about smelling like BBQ meat after ur meal here because they have a good ventilation system. Darling and me were practically sniffing each other when we got out to see if this was true. Yeapz... no worries people! My rating of this restaurant is 8.5/10. Darling rates it at 7/10. Thumbs up to BBQ plaza. We'll definately be back for more :)

Here is the address:

Lot 35-36, Lower Level 2, Sunway Pyramid
Lot 338A, 1st Floor, Rainforest 1 Utama Shopping Centre
Tel: 603-7727 8148

~* joychariz *~

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