Sunday, October 19, 2008

My 22nd Birthday Celebration @ Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. in The Curve, Mutiara Damansara

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20th October 2008

Dear Diary,

22 years and 20 days old. Damn I'm old.... Luckily I have someone older.... My darling!! Muahaha... To pamper and spoil me and sometimes annoy and irritate me :p Erm, also to love me perhaps? Haha... He took me for a movie on my birthday and gave me the privilege of choosing the show at GSC 1 Utama. Sigh, I chose a show which almost ruined my entire day, Black Water. Why oh why did the show have to be so brutally gory? It sent shivers down my spine the whole day just thinking of the big bad croc that chomped everyone!! Nasty show... Should never watch something like this on my birthday ever again. Next time, only chic flicks allowed on my birthday.

After the movie, darling took me to Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. in The Curve for my birthday dinner. Really brightened up my day a whole lot. Well, how can it not with such good food?

Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. Restaurant and Market is a chain of seafood restaurants inspired by the 1994 film Forrest Gump. Their menu consists mostly of shrimp dishes, but also other seafood, as well as Southern and Cajun cuisine, due to the main character Forrest coming from Alabama.

The restaurant has also gained fame for its unique paging system consisting of two license plates on the tables marked "Run Forrest Run" from Jenny's famous quote and "Stop Forrest Stop" based on the signs used to help Forrest when he played football at the University of Alabama. The red "Stop Forrest Stop" sign is used to signal that a table needs service and the blue "Run Forrest Run" means that all is well.

"Run Forrest Run" when you do not want to be disturbed :)

What's prince charming looking at?

Why it's their dessert and cocktail menu served on a ping-pong bat :p Creative!!

We ordered only one drink, their Mango Sparkler which is a unique mixture of mango, lemonade, orange juice and lemon-lime. Priced at RM9.90, this drink was huge and just the right thing to have with a platter of greasy food such as fried shrimps etc. Loved it!!

For our appetizer, darling ordered us Calamari Rings. It looked very appetizing when it came. Served along with the deep fried calamari were red bell peppers and pepperoncinis as well as their dippin' sauces. Yums... Crunchy and nice, however at the price of RM17.90, you get more salad underneath the calamari than the calamari rings itself. Me no likey :( But on the bright side, they served only calamari rings with no creepy crawlers whatsoever. Haha.. Just hate creepy crawlers. On the plus side, the food came amazingly fast!! Wonderful!!

We had two main entrees. The first being their famous Shrimper's Heaven (RM44.90) which came with 4 assortments of shrimps. They consisted of Coconut Shrimp, Chilly Shrimp, Fried Shrimp and Tempura Shrimp. Oh, not to forget fries and their dippin' sauces of course. We both loved the fried shrimp the most. The coconut shrimp was too sweet for our liking. Overall, it was a generous serving of shrimps with more salad beneath!! Hmm... I feel like a goat munching all those greens.

Our second main course was this lovely Bourbon Street Baramundi which is priced at RM29.90. This entree consisted of charbroiled cajun spiced baramundi with bourbon street sauce and shrimps, served over mashed potatoes. The sauce had a creamy buttery texture while the shrimps and mashed potatoes were just heavenly. Too bad the fish was a little on the dry side otherwise it would have been perfecto. The serving was just huge. Even darling with the no-wasting-food-policy couldn't finish the mashed potatoes. It would be advisable to share this among 2 people while dining as attempting to finish it yourself will be an utterly cloying attempt.

Finally we're moving on to dessert. My most favourite part of a meal. We decided to try their "That Chocolate Thing" which was highly recommendable on their menu. That Chocolate Thing which is priced at RM16.90 is actually a special jar of warm flourless Chocolate Cake, topped with Vanilla Ice Cream and Whipped Cream, and drizzled with a Raspberry Sauce. Sounds totally devilishious huh? Well it was at first, till we made our way almost to the bottom. The thing is, darling and I both just adore Brownies and Ice-Cream a lot and we're very used to the texture of those served in Secret Recipe and Delicious. When you eat this, its like eating warm gooey mashed up chocolate cake soaked with melted ice-cream, whipped cream and raspberry sauce. It kind of was overwhelming for our tastebuds to handle. More like eating baby food or something. Enough said. Next time I'm trying their Bread Pudding thingy. The next table ordered it. Looked good! Overall, Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. provides good food and excellent service. Their staff were friendly and helpful. Humorous as well! Would love to go back and try their cocktails and desserts. By the way, while walking in Sunway Pyramid the other day, we noticed that Bubba Gump will be opening a new branch there, next to Coffee Bean at the main entrance. Joys!!

Our couple picture taken by one of their nice staff. Look at me. I'm a Red!! Haha... This was darling's birthday gift to me this year. My very own authentic, 100% original Adidas Liverpool's women jersey with a mini little Carlsberg in the middle. Oh-so-cute-u-just-wanna-die!! I've always wanted one and now I have one, delivered all the way from the UK specially just for me at my size and it fits me so perfectly! I love it, I love it, I love it!! Hugs and kisses to Mr. Gong, the Red AIG Devil. You'll never walk alone. Now I want my own baby prints of Gerrard's name. *Hint to gong* We even got a few comments from the staff at Bubba Gump saying "Oh, Manchester and Liverpool huh..." Haha, nice :p

Another surprise from darling awaits me in his car after our meal :) What's in the box?

Fatal Attraction + Cookies 'n Cream Cupcakes from CupCakeChic, my favorite cupcake bakery in town. Fatal attraction is the one with chocolate frosting and cookies 'n cream is the one with the oreo cookie on top. A box of 6 cup cakes costs you RM25.00. When bought individually, a cup cake costs RM4.90. Expensive as they may be, these cupcakes are made with the best quality ingredients and best of all, they do not compromise size for quality. These cupcakes are definitely larger than your typical cupcakes around. I heart them. They sit next to J.Co donuts on my comfort food ladder.

Since it was still early, darling suggested that we go for a drink in Starbucks just to pass time. Stuffed from dinner, we shared this Mango Tea Frappuccino. Priced at RM14.90, this beverage is a refreshing combination of fruit juice and Tazo tea blended with ice. Quite nice as it wasn't too sweet for my liking. Also available in raspberry flavour.

All in all, I had a wonderful birthday this year celebrating it with darling. I appreciate everything and all the efforts and loving gestures he has made and not to mention all the trouble he went through to make that evening such a special and memorable one. It has definitely put a smile to my face and a cherished memory sealed in my heart forever. Thank you and I love you heaps gong... XoXo.... :)

Would also like to express my thanx to my family and friends who had remembered my birthday. Thank you for all your unforgettable wishes.

~* joychariz *~


Kenneth said...

Bei bei... I'm glad that you really like what I prepared for you on your birthday this year. Next year I give you a better one k? :) I love you very much and I wish you success in everything that you do. Muax! XOXOXOXO!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

wats the operation hours? they hav another outlet in sunway pyramid??

Melissa Jane Lee w/o a chinese name =p said...

ping pong bat cuz hhaa Forest Gump played tht in the movie. He was good at it =) Nice celebration ;) Very sweet of him too! Didn't feel all bloated up? That was so much of food. LOL.