Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Lou Gong's 25th Birthday Celebration in Tony Roma's @ The Curve

Entry: 98
24th September 2008

Dear Diary,

This overdue post is specially dedicated to a very very special person in my life.............

A Birthday wish for my special love,
Message sent by the purest dove.

Wishing you happiness and success,

With eternal love, I must profess.

I celebrate your birth today,

A dashing prince you always portray.

Best friends and lovers all in one,

We always have the greatest fun.

I only wish the best for you,

New experiences we will always pursue.

On this special birthday, I’ll hold you tight,

As our flames of love, begin to ignite.

The love of my life turns 25 on July 2nd this year :)

We celebrated by having dinner in Tony Roma's at The Curve. This is what my darling had. I've forgotten the name of this combo. But I think it's New York strip with ribs?? Or something like that. Haha... Sorry, was still in my MIA period so I can't really recall the names :p

This is what I had. Something similar to darling's entree but instead of ribs, I had shrimps and replaced my fries for rice. The shrimps were really really good!!! Grilled to perfection. Simply lip-smackingly good! Darling's one was nice too. Tony Roma's ribs are the best you can get in town :)

You and I together forever,
Nothing can stand in the way,
My love for you grows stronger each new day,
I've fallen deeply in love with you...

~* joychariz *~

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